Author, coach and keynote speaker
helping working parents achieve better time management and productivity without overwhelm and stress.
Marisa served in corporate leadership positions since 2007 in New York, New Jersey and California, mentoring individuals from over 40 countries along the way.  She is the founder of Mama Work It, an organization supporting working mothers through coaching and courses.  She also hosts a top rated podcast and is a member of the Cal State Council for Customer Experience Executive Program.  Above all else, she is the proud mom of 4 incredible kids.
About Marisa...
"I’ve had so much growth already this year as I’ve planned and envisioned my success. This is a tool that’s helping me reach my goals and stay sane in the process."
"I loved this book from beginning to end. Marisa has an easy to read (and funny!) writing style sharing practical advice for all working moms. She writes from her own real experience which is relatable and easy to implement. If you're struggling with finding time and need a great coach to help you get back on track - this is a must read."
Courtney Biggs, Vice President
"Marisa lights up the room when she presents. She is both articulate and full of energy, and able to hold the audience’s attention with engaging content."
"Marisa is relatable and inspiring, giving working parents actionable tips on how to take back control of their time. With a mix of personal stories, evidence based recommendations and productivity hacks, she connects with and motivates her audience."
"Marisa an engaging presenter who is in tune with the challenges working parents face today. She is informed, humorous, and on point; offering helpful advice and understanding through dynamic and high energy presentations and workshops. She has a true gift in her ability to connect deeply with her audience."
Sherri Bwint, Sr. Director of Field Operations
Joanne Hritz, Director of Operations
Dennis Wong, Sr. Vice President
"Marisa is consistently a best-in-class presenter for our training seminars. Her energetic style, focus, and customized message make her a fan favorite. She inspires her audiences to think out of the box and is completely relatable as a working parent herself. She easily gains trust and inspires participation during her seminars."
Available Services:

  • One on one coaching support
  • Group coaching support
  • Live or virtual workshops
  • Prerecorded on-demand trainings
  • Time management deep dives (includes a prerequisite three day self assessment)
  • Consulting services for establishing parent resources
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